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Sometimes, our journey is enjoyable and sometimes it becomes nightmare. Whatever may be the case, pre-planning our journey and preparing for the same would help us a lot, throughout our journey!

With one experience, you cannot claim the entire cab service to be poor and you cannot praise at the same time. There is also another type of cab service, besides the usual black color cab services, which is called as ‘Radio cab services’. The radio cab services mean that you can dial and book the car, as soon as you land in Delhi, there is no need of pre-booking it. All the cabs of radio cab services type would be having a radio and in turn would be tracked by the cab companies via GPS (Global Positioning Satellite), by this way, you could ensure the safety of your trip in Delhi. These radio cab services are in turn little costlier compared to the normal cab services, say it would be 10% more than the normal cab services. And for night time journeys, they would charge 15 to 20% more than the day time charges. There are only few providers of these cab services in Delhi, which is making them to have a monopoly business status at the current moment.

Advantages of Radio Cab Services

Disadvantages of Radio Cab Services

Advantages of Normal Cab Services

Disadvantages of Normal Cab Services

Both the type of cab services has advantages and disadvantages too. But, whatever may be the case, it is advisable to verify about the type of services provided by the cab services in the internet and it would be great, ensuring the safety of your journey. Nowadays, there are various types of media and wide choices of technologies, which could help you in a better and effective way. Don’t forget to search about the safety measures and mechanisms, etc… in case if anything goes wrong! Hence, searching in the internet about the cab services and going through the comments and reviews that are been provided for a particular type of car service, would not only lead to a good beginning of your journey, but also would end up in a good journey too!

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